Sunday, October 19, 2008

blog - The Ocean!

(I saw this ocean listening to the sound of waves, preparing for surfing)

I found myself standing the edge of the land. Can I say I totally committed myself to the target? Can I say I a hundred percent concentrated on the dream? No. I was sometimes like a drunker, a coward, and a looser!

What is the dream making a man stand bravely in front of formidable enemies? What on the world motives a man to do move forward like a uncontrolled horse, or a bull? No, no, no. What on the earth do you think the dream is? Your dream is? That's the heart of the problem That's the root of your problem.

Remember the ocean you saw at the time, at anytime. The wide, beautiful, splendid ocean. Didn't you decide or swear something? Weren't you moved by the very nature, the very something big? Bigger than you? This moment, this time, don't you have any chance other than this? Are you sure you are sure?

Don't disappoint me! Never! Ever!

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